3 Points Clear

Captain wailed at the team like the ghost of Christmas future – this is a targeted game you lot – we are top of the table – this is worth 2 points – don’t let me down …..

The team giggled – the captain was about as scary as the Muppet Christmas carol – but they let him has his fun. This was a home game for the team, top of the table by one point and playing their nearest rivals – a win at home would put them 3 points clear.

home team skittled first with a respectable 68 – the captain leading the way with a 13 spare. away team came out and wrote up two 66s

home team returned and wrote up 76 and 62 – with a 15 spare from Woodsman Attiwell and Windy Combes. Away answered with a 57 and an 81 !

home team came back and wrote up 60 – not good enough even with a spare from Julian P. the next hand was better with a 74 – spares from Woodsman Attiwell and Councillor Colin

away team answered with 68 and 62.  Home team returned and wrote up 72 and 74 with two more spares from Councillor Colin. it was going to be close.

Away team write up 61 – Burtle Wins again by 25 pins – putting them 3 points ahead on top of the table.

Man of the match was again Councillor Colin with a final score of 77

Supper was a Crown favourite of home made faggots, gravy, garden peas and chips. The skittle team would like to thank the landlord for his sparkling wit and personality – it always goes down well with the team.

3 points clear of the table – but next week is going to be hard – away at the White Hart at Cossington, the team’s toughest alley to play on….