Boas and a Bear

Another home game for the skitters’ this week. After the last few wins the captain strode into the pub full of confidence, his peg had been polished and a new rubber stopper applied to the end, his floaty red dress billowed around him and his feather boa trailed behind him like a tail of an exotic kite.

feather boa  ?

The captain, normally quite a conservative dresser who is known to shop at the same cardi shop as Val Doonican had adopted something a little more risqué tonight. The team knew better than to say anything, the captain had taken on a new wave of confidence and he breezed out to the alley.

As it was a home game Burtle skittled off first and wrote a fine score of 69 with a spare from Russ. Away team came out and returned scores of 60 and 55.

Burtle returned to the alley, captain had lost a few feathers but non-the-less his confidence was shining through – as bright as his newly painted nails. Home team wrote up fine scores of 73 and 65 – spares from Lee, Russ and Colin P – home team was away with a 28 pin lead.

Away team came out and skittled a strong score of 64 and 74.Burtle returned and wrote up scores of 62 and 76 – with another spare from Colin P

Away team came back with 60 and 85 – a strong hand and Burtle’s lead had been eroded in a single sweep.Burtle returned with final hands of 58 and 66, spares from Colin N and Colin P.

There was very little in it and the away team needed 73 to win – based on their performance, a real possibility. Home team returned to the bar and the conversation turned to the captain’s attire….

Vice captain – um, cap’n, the, um , outfit is quite a change for you ?

Captain – aye, striking isnt it and remarkably comfy

VC  – well, urm, yes, very – where do we make the donation ?

Captain  – donation  ?

VC – well ,yes – Children in Need i take it – you know Pudsey ?

Captain – Pubsey ?

VC – no – Pudsey – the bear

Captain – Oh yes, Children, yes of course. Just pop a fiver into the tin, oh be a good shipmate and pop round the crew collecting for me.

In no time the Captains tin positively overflowed with donations  

Away team finished their hand and wrote up a final hand hand of 58.

Burtle wins by 8 pins !

Man of the match was Councillor Colin P with a fine score of 74, Unfortunately Hurricane Coombes  was unable to repeat last week’s performance, but he did receive a mention in the dispatches of Global Warming Monthly.

The landlord put on a supper of Sausage rolls chips, cheese, onion and bread.

Captain wobbled off into the night trailing feathers behind him. Pudsey would be proud.