In a Pub, Far Far Away…………………..

The new year – a new hope – wasn’t that Star Wars ? Burtle Skittle team start the year riding high top of the league table!

Star Wars has been in the media of late (a lot) and this has not gone unnoticed by the Captain, always the first to be influenced by  popular culture the captain had gone all out. Even the team, who are now quite used to his fashion preoccupations stopped and wondered at this one. The only possible name you could use for this outfit was ‘Darth-Robot’  


The captain’s black Dunlop wellies started the outfit off, it then continued into dark trousers and a black jumper – now you would think this is going pretty well for a fancy dress outfit, good work cap – we can see how this is working…


On his head the cap’n sported an old 20ltr black shrub container – the sort you collect your pampass grass from the garden center in. He had fashioned two eye holes in the container – not level of course, on his arms he donned two lengths of land drainage pipe which massively reduced his arm movement. This gave him a muffled rasping voice and the appearance of a robot on the run from the environment agency trailing soil behind him.


The captain stamped and struggled into the pub waving his rigid arms around and bumping into things – pretty normal really.  He was handed his first pint, obviously not thinking this through the pint was unable to meet its destination down the cap’ns neck – the pipes soon disappeared.


onto the game…


Burtle was home so they skittle off first – a mediocre 61 and a spare from ‘obi-wan’ Pople, away team responds with 61 and 66.


Darth-Robot was not unhappy and the team skittled on


71 and a galactic 81 was written up next – with spares from ‘Count Dooku’ Attiwell, ‘R2D2’ Coombes,  C3PO Nutman, ‘ Boba-Fett’ Porter and the dashing  ‘Han-Solo’ Dallimore


Away team responds with 67 and 51. The cap’n proclaims the force was strong in the team, turned around and wandered  into a door frame.


Home team back on the boards and Darth scores a spare. the next hand both Darth and Obi-Wan score spares bringing the hands 72 and 73.


Away team obviously rocked by the interstellar performance manage 69 and 64.


Last two hands, the captain rasps orders to the team from under the planter ‘ Do not fail me’ they thought he said, but it could well of been anything really. Home team write up 64 and 60 – not a strong finish.


Away team respond with 66 – Home team wins by 42 pins !!

Mr universe this evening was  ‘Obi-wan’ Pople going moving in HyperDrive with a score of 75