Parish Meeting held on 2nd August 2017


Parish Meeting held on 2nd August 2017

The Parish Meeting to discuss the planning application at Godwin’s Peatworks was attended by over sixty Burtle residents and  people from neighbouring communities

Parish Council Chairman Richard Dallimore gave a précis of the main points in the complex 42 page application document – an application to ‘vary a condition’ in a previous permission of 1996 which specifically dealt with peat and horticultural  activities on the site.

The occupiers Southwest Wood products (Chipmunks) have been carrying out industrial processing of wood on the site apparently without planning permission for almost two years now causing a great deal of nuisance to local residents. This variation not only includes processing of wood products but also biomass.

Comments were then invited and interesting and valid concerns and questions were raised by many local people very worried about the health, safety and quality of life issues caused by the activities which have been carried out by Chipmunk at the site for about the past 18 months. .Damage to the local roads and road safety implications was mentioned by many.

There were no supportive comments at the meeting, but everyone was encouraged, whatever their view to make it known in writing either online on the Mendip Planning site, or by letter. The very short time scale for objections and comments was emphasised. The public had barely a month from the publication of the application in July, to make their responses, though the company concerned had been given over a year to complete its application.

 The Parish Council, which has just a week longer for its comprehensive response, and a draft will be displayed at August Cafe Burtle and on the Burtle Village Website.

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