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Report courtesy of the Polden Post.

 Burtle Annual Flower Show  took place on Sunday 30th August.  With Local Classes available for Garden Club members and Burtle Villagers to take part and Open Classes for  Everyone, there was something to entice anyone and any age!  With over 70 Exhibiters and 360 entries, Burtle Garden Club was delighted with their 19th Annual Flower Show.

After a wet morning staging and judging the doors opened at 2.00 pm to a great crowd.  Cream teas were served to a roomful of people meeting together, chatting and laughing and admiring the Show exhibits around them.

Later in the afternoon, the crowd gave their much appreciated support at the surplus Auction of Produce kindly conducted by Robin Howell.  The auction was open to all and many children in Burtle of primary age had their first hand at bidding, it was great to see the joy on their faces when Robin sold a lot to them!

We then presented the Cups, Trophies and Prizes as follows:

The Margaret Richards Memorial Cup for the highest points in the Local Classes was ably won by Derek Cox.

Thanks to Jo Attiwell for ‘having a go’ in the Local Flower Classes, she ended up winning the Countrywide Farmers Perpetual Cup for the highest points in the Local Flower Classes. 

Competitive entries in the Open Vegetable Classes where Ron Sprod had the highest points and took the Burrows & Bishop Cup.  A superb selection and winning the Councillor’s Shield for the highest points in the Collection of Vegetables Class was John Inder.

With a wonderful display of Open Flower Classes the Henry King Memorial Trophy for the highest points was awarded to Mike Higgins.

Burtle Baking was open to All Exhibitors with the Open Domestic Classes, where Pam Searle of Holywell, Edington, took the Club Club for the highest points. 

It was great to see the enthusiasm in the Children’s Classes with the Mark Croker Memorial Cup for the highest points in Children’s Verbena Class going to Lucy Newman, the Minature Cup for the highest points in Children’s Pansy Class to Toby Hedges.  Chloe Carter gained the most points in the Children’s Classes and was awarded the  Heather Cox Memorial Cup.  The Overall Best Exhibit in the Flower & Vegetable Classes was awarded to Mike Higgins and received the Ernest & Edna Lee Memorial

1st Prize winners were:

Local Classes:3 Onions Sets tied & trimmed:  Georgia Richards5 Onions to go through 3” ring: Heather Lee,

2 Short Carrots: Derek Cox

2 Cucumbers:  Anne Woodley

4 Tomatoes: Anne Woodley

Truss of Tomatoes: Charlie Richards

Catcott School Competition: Toby Hedges

4 Potatoes, white or coloured: Derek Cox

4 Runner Beans: Ron Cox

2 Beetroot: Derek Cox

6 Exhibition Shallots: Charlie Richards

Novice Flower Arrangement: Jo Attiwell

Burtle Garden Club Top Tray: Brendon Hooper

3 Hens Eggs: Maureen Perdue

Vase of 5 Cut Flowers: Val Thyer

2 or any chosen vegetable: Mike Richards

Arrangment: ‘Foliage from the Levels’ Val Thyer

Open Vegetable Classes:Collection of Vegetables: John Inder 3 Onions trimmed & tied from seed: Ron Sprod

3 Onions trimmed & tied from sets: Tim Leigh

5 Onions to go through 3” ring: Ron Sprod

Heaviest Onion: Mike Higgins

3 Short Carrots: John Inder

3 Long Carrots: Ron Sprod

Longest Runner Bean: Mark Moxey

3 Parsnips: Ron Sprod, 2 Leeks, cleaned: Ron Sprod

2 Cucumbers: John Inder

5 Tomatoes: John Inder

4 Potatoes, white: John Inder

4 Potatoes, coloured: Ron Sprod

6 Runner Beans: Ron Sprod

A truss of Tomatoes: Clive Kidner

3 Beetroot: Ron Sprod

8 Exhibition Shallots: Mike Higgins

A Pair of Marrows: John Inder

Heaviest Marrow: Mark Moxey

Open Flower Classes:3 stems Chrysanthemums: Mike Higgins3 blooms Dahlias, pompoms: Mike Higgins

3 blooms Dahlias, decorative of cactus: Ron Sprod

Single Rose: Bernadette Porter

3 Gladioli: Mike Higgins

5 stems Sweet Peas: John Inder

Foliage Plant: Ron Cox

Flowering Pot Plant: Moira Croker

5 blooms or stems: Mike Higgins

Flower Arrangement ‘ Bring in the Harvest’: Myra Cox

Flower ‘Royal Baby’: Myra Cox

Hanging Basket: Brenda Gibbons

Planted Container: Georgia Richards,

Open Fruit Classes:Dish of Tree Fruit: Brenda GibbonsDish of Soft Fruit: Lionel Horler


Just for Fun Classes:

Potatoes in Pots (14 yrs & under): Sean Edwards

(Adult): Chris Mockridge,

Open Domestic ClassesJar Fruit Jam: Janet DallimoreVictoria Sponge: Heather Lee

3 Sausage Rolls: Georgia Richards

Fruit Cake: Maureen Perdue

Apple Tart: Pam Searle

3 Shortbread biscuits: Dawn Carter

Jar of Chutney: Maureen Perdue

3 Chocolate Brownies: Bernadette Porter

Savoury Flan: Pam Searle

3 Bakewell Slices: Bernadette Porter

Craft Section:Any Handknitted item: Jenny JonesPiece of Needlework: Jenny Jones

Poem on Gardening: Elaine Giddons

Photograph of Local Wildlife: Chris Szewiel

Handmade item: Elaine Giddons

Open Children’s Classe s up to 7 yrs:Animal made from Vegetabes: Toby Hedges4 Fairy Cakes: Chloe Carter

Design next year’s front cover of Flower Show Schedule: A Leavens

Gingerbread man: Toby Hedges

Shoebox Garden: Poppy Galiouska

Lego Model: A Leavens

Drawing or painting of a garden(Burtle Babes): Poppy Galiouska,

Open Children’s Classes 8-14 yrs:Animal made from Vegetale or Fruit: Emma Dallimore4 Fairy Cakes: Georgia Richards

3 Chocolate Chip Cookies: Sophie Newman

Shoebox Garden: Mollie Lee

Lego Model: Lucy Newman

Collage of a Garden: Georgia Richards

Hand Written Poem on Gardening: Charlie Richards

Children’s Classes Up to 14 Yrs:

Pansy: Toby Hedges

Verbena: Lucy Newman



We hope you all enjoyed your Sunday afternoon at Burtle Flower Show, Thank you for Everyone’s help and support, New and Regular Exhibitors and Everyone who joined us on the day.   We look forward to seeing you All again next year, when we celebrate Burtle’s 20th Annual Flower Show!

Michael Richards

 Chairman Burtle Garden Club


Burtle Annual Flower Show Report 2018


2015 Flower Show Winners

Whats On

Burtle Annual Flower Show

Saturday 30th August at the village hall from 2.00 pm

Exhibits staging 8.00 to 11.00 am  Judging from 11.00 am

Lifting of exhibits 4.30 pm      Auction 4.45 pm

Presentation of trophies and prizes to follow

Refreshments available including cream teas

Car Boot Sale

Next to the village hall from 2.00 to 4.30 pm

Setting up from 1.00 pm

Sellers £3 per car

For further details on both events call 01278 722275

Garden Club Committee

  • Chairman Mike Richards – 01278 722275
  • Treasurer – Arthur Crocker
  • Committee Member & Veg. & Flower Show Expert – Ron Cox
  • Committee Member – Ron Cox