Adios Eldorado

Home game for the skittlers tonight – the team is joint top of the table and the captain was a little tense- this was a targeted game after all and a win was needed.

The captain, normally known for his calm personality, has had bouts edginess in the past. One notable episode was during a filming of an episode of Doctor Who when our captain stepped on William Hartnal’s cloak, fell and damaged BBC property – William H was so enraged he vowed the captain would never work in ‘the biz’ again. Our captain left the hallowed halls of the BBC in shame, vowing his return under his breath.

It wasn’t until 1992 until he got his break – the captain’s agent ‘Appleblossom Zagreb’ – a chain smoking woman who operated out of a small bedsit in Islington, contacted our captain with a part right up his street. It transpired during a tidy up on the front desk of the BBC’s reception the captain’s picture which was clearly labeled ‘do not let this man in’ had fallen from the cork board into a bin, and subsequently tidied up by a cleaning agency, thus effectively clearing his name.  

Appleblossom who constantly harangued the BBC for new parts found herself with an opening for a ‘Foppish out-his-depth MP who inherited his seat from his father’ part, the MP was due to be on holiday in Spain and become embroiled in a sinister plot. And so the captain found himself being lined up for a role in an exciting new soap named ‘Eldorado’

Captain arrived on set bright and early and was examining the outfits finished with lavish amounts of lace, shiny buttons and large collars – he felt quite at home. No sooner had he arrived when he was met by his agent, Appleblossom (who was keen to hobnob with the european stars on set)

She told him that the producers, Minty Ruenbuckle and Jenny Howlitzer were in a hastily convened conference and now there was some doubts whether Roger Walker (Of the children’s favorite ‘Rainbow’ fame) would take his place in the star studded line-up.  

As it turned out there was a hasty rewrite for Roger to play ‘Bunny Charlson’ and the captain was told in no uncertain terms to sling his hook. He then hitched from Spain back to Blighty, paying for his channel crossing by standing in for the resident drag artist on the overnight ferry to plymouth – the crossing was less than pleasant and the captain spent most of the crossing avoiding the amorous advances of Braam the international lorry driver – very tense


back to the game…


the team started with a mediocre score of 61, unfortunately i have lost the other part of the teams scores so i can’t comment !


The next two hands see Burtle write up a 79 and 77 with spares from Woodsman Attiwell, Councilor Colin, Julian ‘Mach 1’ Porter and new recruit Danger Darren – Burtle end up being 39 pins in the lead.


the next two hands see Burtle increase their lead to 41 pins with score of 58 and 63


The final to hands see Burtle clinch the game with another spare from Danger Darren


Burtle Wins again


Man of the match was new recruit Danger Darren with a final score of 70


The crown laid on a spread of pies, peas and chips. The captain wobbled home with a happy win and feeling far less tense…