St Philip & St James Church Refurbishment

In January 2012 a major refurbishment of the church was undertaken. The entire floor was replaced with new oak timbers and the stone slabs down the aisle and walkways relaid and once again exposed for use. This necessitated the removal of all the pews, organ, font and pulpit. With the church empty it was also a good time to re-decorate throughout and to repair the window bars. When everything was replaced it was decided to return the layout to its original configuration. The organ, which was in constant need of repair and tuning, was sold and replaced with a new electric organ. The pulpit was returned to its original place to the right of the altar and the font moved to in front of the vestry. Of the pews approximately only around two thirds were re-installed leaving more space between the rows and also leaving an empty area at the back to provide space for social gathering and loose chairs if required. New electric heaters were also installed and new lights.


In 2015 further work to repair the porch, add new locks to the side and rear door and main door step was also undertaken. There is a photograph of Miss Anne Field, the church’s Patron in the vestry. The Church has one bell. On an old map it states the church is 2¾ miles from Edington Chapel, 3 Miles or more from Catcott, 3 miles or more from Chilton. From North to South not quite 2 miles, from East to West the district will be between 3 to 4 miles.