Captain’s ‘on point’ and orders a take-away for Burtle


Highbridge – Somerset’s home of the takeaway and the captain was looking to take home another win for the Burtle team.  This weeks match was at the Coopers Arms in Highbridge, a large old pub situated near the train station, a good range of beers and within easy walking distance of a take away of course.

Home team started out with a good hand of 61. After last weeks confusion over the correct use of a feather boa and the difference between PUB-sey and Pudsey, the captain had opted for a ‘down-with-the-kids’ look, sporting a salmon pink t-shirt, jeans and a large baseball cap with the words ‘OBEY’ in bold lettering across the front. He had also appeared to have adopted various slang terms and the team spent most of the night with no idea of what he was saying.

Captain stood before his team – no doubt about to make a monumental and inspiring speech to rally the team. “OK boys, tis obvi that dis is basic ok – we are on point, yeeeeees, so  let’s keep the momentum going bruvs- you feeels ?

As per normal the team looked at each other blankly and got on with the job in hand.

Burtle skittled off and wrote up 64 and 68 – Councillor Colin P put in a cracking spare

Home team returned with 64 and 55, Burtle responded with 63 and 64 – Julian Porter put in a fine spare.

By this time Burtle was 15 pins up, the captain swaggered over to his resting team and using very animated hand gestures stated this game was ‘well life, bruvs’

Home team skittled 61 and 62, obviously riled by the captain and his pink t-shirt, the likes of which have never been seen in Highbridge.  Burtle skittled 73 and 64. Two spares by the lefties of the team Paul A and Dashing Rich D. Home team returned and skittled 59 and 54.

Burtle skittled their final hand and wrote up a score of 68 with a spare from vice captain Nutman. Burtle Wins by 48 pins.

The captain declared the team was well and truly ‘On Fleek’ and was well ‘Dope’ Vice Captain Nutman gave a little snigger at this comment and the captain shot him a poisonous stare.

The landlord laid on a supper of baked potato and beans – there isn’t really anything more to say about supper.

Man of the match was again Councillor Colin P with a final score of 66

Our captain – his swagger getting larger each week, hobbled off to his car and could be heard muttering under his breath “ oh, we is well and truly life, we is so on point – init”