Snow White and her Skittling dwarfs


Once upon a time there lived a princess. She had wavy hair, most of her own teeth, a fine collection of cardigans and a wooden stump for a leg. The princesses name was Snow White. Unlike stories of a similar vein our Snow white possessed a magic mirror,and each week Snow White asked the mirror..

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the finest skittler of them all ? “

the mirror answered

“Your balls are straight and true

But dead eye Dickie is better than you”

On hearing this Snow white flew into a rage and vowed vengeance.

Snow White, and her dwarfs visited the faraway land of Were for their next match. The dwarfs were:

  1. Woody (Attiwell Dwarf who was incidentally the tallest of all dwarfs)
  2. Vice (Nutman Dwarf who has an eye for accuracy)
  3. Windy ( Coombes Dwarf who was cursed by a wicked witch with the wind of a 1000 storms)
  4. Digger (Porter Dwarf who can’t resist a hole that needs filling or making bigger)
  5. Dead Eye (Dick Dwarf blessed with youth and dashing good looks)
  6. Disco (Stevie Dwarf with the finest flairs in all the land)
  7. Deputy (Councilor Pople Dwarf, ordered with keeping the peace)

Home team skittled first and wrote up a strong 72. Snow White and her team responded with 65 and 66 – Snow White claiming the team’s first spare.Snow White considered smashing the fortune telling mirror  – it was obviously broken.

Home team came back with 61 and 64, Snow White failed to make an impact with 59 and 59. Oh woe was Snow White.

Home team wrote up 62 and 67, Snow White rallied the troops and wrote up 71 and 68 – 2 spares from Snow White and a devastatingly strong spare from Dead Eye. Snow White eyed the dwarf with menace – could the mirror be telling the truth  ?

Home team came back with two final hands of 68 and 63. It was going to be close. Snow White’s team wrote up a final score of 69 with another truly awesome spare from Dickie.

The scores were counted, once, twice and three times – a draw was declared !

but what of the mirror’s prophecy ?

As the prophecy had told, Dead Eye Dickie took home the highest score that evening – the mirror had of course seen the future. All the other dwarfs cheered and carried deadeye high on their shoulders.

Snow White grumbled, admitted defeat and they all lived happily ever after.

The end