The Curious Case of the Pants in the Tree



Another home game for the Burtle hero’s. The winning streak is starting to affect the captain in many curious ways….

Christmas has arrived at the Crown Inn and the pub looks like Santa’s grotto. Lights, Tinsel, Santa and Reindeer decorated throughout. The captain, who loves a bit of Christmas cheer was positively beside himself with glee upon seeing the decorations. The alley itself came with its own beautifully and carefully decorated tree.

So, another home game, another 2 points. The team was now only 1 point behind the team at the top of the table – no pressure…..

Burtle strolled out with all the confidence and panache of a well honed athletic squad and wrote up a measly 59. Captain glared at his team.

Whilst stamping and wobbling off to the bar, the captain paused and gave the beautiful tree a second glance.

Away team came out and wrote up 60 and 58. Burtle having been well and truly chastised by the captain during the ‘alcohol break’ wrote up 70 and 74 with spares from Vice Captain Nutman, Windy Coombes and the Captain himself showing the team the way – leading by example and it was about time he score a spare this season.

On his way to the bar the captain stopped at the tree again, stared at the immaculately decorated tree and a small frown formed on his weathered old face.

Away team returned with 69 and 60. Burtle still smarting from the captains hurtful words returned with 81 and a 59. Spares from Vice Captain Numtan and Windy Coombes again ! along with a spare from Councilor Colin P. The captain having tired himself out with the previous spare felt his task was done.

Again on leaving the alley, the captain paused at the tree. The team noticed this and thought the old boy was caught up in the season of goodwill. What the team didn’t know was the captain was troubled. Something was missing from the tree, and the captain was struggling to put his finger on it.

Away team returned with 61 and 66 – obviously feeling the pressure. Burtle pressed again with 70 and 69. Another spare from Vice Captain Numtan and a spare from Woodsman Attiwell.

Away team came out and wrote up their best hand yet of 70, but it wasn’t enough and Burtle wins again by 38 pins.

Match finished both teams returned to the bar for a fantastic spread of cold meats, pickles, bread and chips. The captain however, who is normally first at the table tailed behind the team…..

In the end the captain had remembered what was missing from the tree – an angel.  Having no angel to adorn the tree, he had to make best use of what he had to hand.

Walking back to the car a cold wind blew in the from the north and the captain seemed to wince a little more than normal….