The White Lady of the Moor



Shapwick is reputed to be haunted by a mysterious woman in white, who drifts across the levels wailing. It has been said this is the ghost of a woman whose betrothed was unjustly put to death under Judge George Jeffreys, the Lord Chief Justice, infamous as a cruel and sadistic executioner, who gained his reputation after the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685.

Tonight was a home game for the intrepid burtle skittlers and an important one. Their opponents were high up the table and the team couldn’t afford to give away 3 points on a lost home game.

Our heros started with a mediocre 61, captain blamed atmospherics, the cool temperature and low alcohol content. The visitors came out and matched our 61 and added a 66.

Beer was drank and pork scratchings consumed. The team wobbled out to the alley and skittled a hand of 55 – oh whoa was the captain at this point, this hand was followed with a 69. The 55 troubled the captain – we had to do better.    

Our visitors returned with hands of 71 and 64, Burtle answered with 68 and 64 – still not good enough. The captain stamped back to the bar.


Visitors put up another strong 2 hands of 68 and 67. We needed to pull something out of the bag. Nothing needed saying – the captain’s old eye said it all as it swept from team member to team member.  The team rose to the occasion and wrote up a fine hand of 91 and another hand of 62. The captain was positively beside himself with glee.

Our visitors returned with a good hand a 70

Another Win for Burtle

A fine turkey pie was brought out for supper but our captain was not present, in his drunken glee he had skipped out of the pub and was last seen headed for the moore shouting for joy. His white shirt flapped in the breeze behind him, his wooden peg moving so fast he practically levitated across the moor.  

Stevie disco B was again man of the match with a fine score of 73. Stevie B regaled the team with more name dropping and crazy anecdotes from his time as a male dancer with ‘Legs and Co’.

That night a young couple reported seeing the crazy old woman of the moor wailing and drifting in a lopsided way across the fields.