BAD – Burtle Amateur Dramatic

‘Its behind you!’

Well there is certainly a proud history of productions stretching back to 1996 (fourteen so far and another being rehearsed).

Some of the team of players and backstage workers have been there from the start, whilst new talent has always been welcomed and helps to bring a fresh look to subsequent productions.

In the early days of the ‘old’ village hall the stage and surround were of a rather basic nature, yet the paucity of the environment could not limit the enthusiasm of the band of players. Props and backdrops were eagerly sought, made and painted and these traditions continue to this day.

The ‘new’ village hall improved the facilities on stage, including permanent lighting systems, and backstage where there is now a small green room. This has enabled greater flexibility of approach and a better audience experience.

The style of productions has been consistent over the years and one thing that you can depend on is a jolly good laugh both in rehearsal and on the night. It may be that not all words are perfectly remembered at all times and entrances and exits not perfectly timed but these all add to the fun of the unique BAD players productions.

The process of selecting the next production is a collective responsibility and each script is Burtlised to include references to local landmarks, (both geographical and human!)

Whatever happens – ‘We boldly go’.

‘Aladdin’ was the 2015 production

Performance dates were: Friday 10th April

Saturday 11th April
Doors opened at 7.00 Curtain went up at 7.30

Interval refreshments were available, and then the Bar was open at the end of the performance.

Aladdin – The Story

Aladdin works in a Chinese laundry for Widow Twankey, but despite his lowly status, he and the Princess Jasmine have fallen in love. Evil Abanazer needs innocent Aladdin to get into an enchanted cave and fetch a lamp containing a jini who can grant every wish. Abanazer tricks Aladdin, but then Aladdin gets the lamp and jini, and all seems set for his happy future. Until evil Abanazer regains the lamp and more wickedness is afoot!

Aladdin 2015

Cast List

  • Aladdin – Emily Bees
  • Abanazer – Alan Parr
  • Widow Twankey – Richard Masters
  • The Empress of China – Sue Ball
  • Princess Jasmine – Sophie Newman
  • Lapsang  Handmaiden – Sophie Bear
  • Suchong  Handmaiden – Georgia Richards
  • Pong  policeman – Debbie Wilkinson
  • Ping  another policeman – Chris Lush
  • Wishee Washee – Jake Newman
  • Sudsy Suzy – Lucy Newman
  • Jini of the Lamp – Ron Vowles
  • Sylvia Slave of the Ring – Jenny Duval
  • Pekinese, poor children of Peking – Junior Chorus

Past Events/Meetings

1997 – JACK and the BEANSTALK
1998 – ALADDIN
1999 – PUSS in BOOTS
2002 – BABES in the WOOD
2004 – A SORT of CINDERS
2005 – PANTO at the O.K. CORRAL
2008 – The PIED PIPER

2015 – ALADDIN